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North Delta FC (NDFC) is pleased to accept applications for the 2024 Bursary Program. The submission deadline is March 31, 2024.

Available Bursaries:

Jonathan Frampton Memorial Bursary

The family of Jonathan are proud to award 1 NDFC worth player in the amount of $1000 to a player who is proceeding on to post-secondary education.
Jonathan (Jonny) Frampton was born and raised in North Delta where he played for the North Delta Youth Soccer Club from 1987 to 2001. Jonny loved all sports and developed many lasting friendships through his team involvements in North Delta Soccer, North Delta Ball Hockey and North Delta Fastpitch. As a young teenager, he also began refereeing for NDSC and upon is completion of youth soccer he went on to play in the NDSC Men's Program. At North Delta Senior Secondary, Delview Junior High, and Hellings Elementary, he excelled in sports, academics and drama, then continued his education at Douglas University College and in 2005 began working for Coast Capital Savings. While still residing in North Delta, after a short but courageous battle with cancer, Jonny tragically passed away in 2010 at the age of 26. Jonny remains in our hearts and memories as he goes on to play for a "Higher" team. Because North Delta Soccer Club has provided the Frampton Family with so much joy, connections and lasting friendships they feel that NDSC is the perfect conduit by which they can give back to our North Delta community.

Donald Lightbody Bursary

NDFC in recognition of Donald Lightbody’s contributions to the establishment of SurDel Girls Soccer Club, NDFC is proud to award 1 NDFC player in the amount of $1000 to a player who proceeding on to a post-secondary education.

In the truest sense of the word, Donald Lightbody is an original ‘pioneer’ of the girls soccer movement in the Lower Mainland. Donald Lightbody was the driving force behind the establishment of the SurDel Girls Soccer Association in 1974.

In the early 1970s while he was coaching his son’s soccer team, Donald realized that there were always a group of girls hanging around practices. In order to keep the boys focused and the girls busy, he would throw a couple balls to the girls to play with until the end of practice. If all went well, Donald would allow the girls and boys to scrimmage together for the last 15 minutes of practice. This became a regular routine and Donald soon realized that the girls had nowhere to play organized soccer. Donald Lightbody approached the North Delta Boys Soccer Association and the North Delta Girls Field Hockey, but neither group had any interest in developing a partnership with girls soccer. So in 1973, Donald Lightbody, his wife, Pat, and five other soccer enthusiasts (Norma Mason, Maureen and Brian Darby, and Marilyn and Len Baker) set in motion the establishment of the SurDel Girls Soccer Association. The same group was instrumental in helping set up girls soccer associations in Whalley, Richmond and Semiahmoo before turning those organizations over to separate executive groups.

Evan Noble Bursary​

NDFC in recognition of Evan Noble’s long-standing contributions to SurDel Soccer Club, NDFC is proud to award 1 NDFC player in the amount of $1000 to a player who proceeding on to a post-secondary education.

NDFC Bursaries

The North Delta Football Club (NDFC) is proud to award a $1000 bursary to two players who is proceeding on to a post-secondary education.

Bursary criteria:

Consideration to be given for making selection:



Gabriella Duzenberry – Cody Kehler Memorial Bursary

Kylie Kerr – Mike Frampton Bursary

Emily Bancroft – Donald Lightbody

Reighan Hill – Evan Noble

Jayden Gill  – NDFC Bursary

Sumeet Kaur Khaira – NDFC Bursary



Mohammed Ibrahim Ismail – Cody Kehler Memorial Bursary

Anreet Rana -Jonathan Frampton Memorial Bursary

Simrit Boparai  – Donald Lightbody Bursary

Jacob Visser  – Evan Noble Bursary

Meena Ressaltt – NDFC Bursary

Terena Jagpal – NDFC Bursary



Nicolas Cordeiro – Cody Kehler Memorial Bursary

Yasmin Zadunaisky – Jonathan Frampton Memorial Bursary

Brenda Espiritu – Donald Lightbody Bursary

Austin Vokey – Evan Noble Bursary

Joanna Inkster – NDFC Bursary

Colwyn Ralph – NDFC Bursary



Jeremy Mak – Cody Kehler Memorial Bursary

Nicholas Chies -Jonathan Frampton Memorial Bursary

Maya Hart – Donald Lightbody Bursary

Jappun Dhillion – Evan Noble Bursary

Joshan Gill – NDFC Bursary

Carson Findlay – NDFC Bursary