Fall/Winter - Recreational Program registration OPENS May 1st, 2024

Team Selection Process

Team Selection Process


In following Canada Soccer’s directive, there will be no on-field assessments/try outs for all age groups.  As in previous years, players will be assessed between October and March, which is the most important evaluation period for players. This assessment period is an opportunity for players to demonstrate their skills and abilities and achieve a spot on a Development Team for the following season.  


The Development Program is our more competitive soccer level and requires a higher level of commitment and skill level than our Club/Recreational program.   This program runs from U8 to U18.  The number of development teams formed each year and age group may vary based on the pool of players and their skill level.  

The purpose of a development team is to provide an opportunity for qualified players to compete at a higher level of competition with players that are like-minded. Playing at any development level will involve a greater commitment of time, travel, and additional costs by the player. Players are also highly recommended to participate in a core conditioning or related skills session once a week in addition to NDFC training sessions.

The Club/Recreational Program does not require players to be assessed for team placement.  Once players are registered for this program, players will be placed on teams and notified in early September (for Fall/Winter Season) and March (for Spring Season) if not sooner.


The assessment process is a combination of:

  • Past Season assessments by Technical Staff 
  • Past Season assessments by Team Coaches 
  • Where possible non-permanent player movement by players training/or playing a game with the next level team
  • Technical Staff Coaches discussions/meetings with Team Coaches during the season
  • Depending on the age group, an extra training session(s) made be required to assess players.


In April/May, the Team Coaches will have a player selection meeting with the Technical Staff to select players for Development Teams for the Fall/Winter Season.  The Technical staff will have the final approval on the selection of players to ensure that selections are accurate.  The club is confident that the ongoing assessment of players throughout the season by our Team Coaches and Technical Staff can properly place like-minded players at their appropriate skill level, while ensuring a fair and transparent process.

Once players receive an invite email for a Development Team, they will need to accept the position on the team within the timeline outlined on the invite and complete registration and payment.  If players do not accept the position within the time, the Club will be forced to move on to another player down the list.  Please note that player movement can occur at any time, even after selections have been made. The development registration fee is non-refundable.  

Players who have not been selected for a Development Team will receive a regret email at the same time that invite emails are sent out along with information on registering for the Club/recreational program.  In some instances, players may get an opportunity to be invited to a Development Team at a later time if selected players decline their spot on the team. 

out of club player interest

For non-NDFC players who are interested in being considered for a Fall/Winter Development Team – Div 1/2 for the Fall/Winter Season 2024-2025, please express your interest on the below form.  

For further questions, please email techdirector@northdeltafc.com.


There is no scheduled Player Identification Sessions at this time.